Thursday, December 31, 2009


the state of being right in relation to God. in love. trish.
Happy New Year

Friday, December 25, 2009


it is only when we faithfully obey what God has clearly revealed to us that He reveals the unclear areas.
Merry Christmas.
in love. trish.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


i am 43 today. life is new once again. blessed. in love. trish.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

grace doing

all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely love. trish.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

really real

once you become real you can't become unreal again. It lasts for always. in love. trish.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


If you are determined to gather life's honey, to stick your hand into the hive again and again and again-to be stung so many times that you become numb to the pain, it persevere and persist till those who know you become unable to think of you as normal, you will not be called mad: you will be called authentic. in love. trish.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I became my prayer.
in love. trish.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


perhaps I am stronger than I think. Take me and make me Lord God.
in love. trish.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


who you think you are will always be frightened of change. But it doesn't matter to who you truly are.
in love. trish.